Information Technology recruiting can be a difficult task, but Empower Consultant being specialized in IT staffing service, help our clients painlessly locate and hire qualified IT consultants and employees. From software developers and IT systems integrators, to network security and risk management experts, to technical support and help desk personnel, Empower Consultant efficient IT staffing delivers professionals you can count on. With years of experience, we tend to achieve our clients target faster, better and more cost-effectively.As we are specialized in IT recruitment, we offer a full range of workforce solutions and service delivery models to equip the client’s business with the people, skills and proficiencies required to get IT done.

Permanent Staffing

Direct hire of Potential, Skilled, competent IT  professional for permanent recruitment.

Contract Staffing

Contract-to-hire of High-caliber teams or individual IT professionals for temporary support.

Project Based Staffing

Overall IT staff placement for a particular project or program for our client’s business.

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